Here are 4 scrapbook pages. When I went in to save to PDF I realized I could save in JPEG with my new upgrage of the program. What I am doing in my books for the grandkids is putting in a copy of the family pedigree chart which of course is our direct line. Then I am putting in the stories, a family group sheet and then the scrapbook pages. I have done more on the Dosseys than I have on my side, but now I am slowly working on my side. I really like the scrapbook format as I can add maps and other things. Some I can't pick up on my new computer from another program I used but I can scan them in which should be done anyway to make them digital. Also sometimes you find additional information and it can be added as a scrapbook page attaching one of those.

Several years ago I decided to only do the direct line and their siblings into my family tree maker. Time had become a big issue and I really want to finish the direct ancestors stories . Abby seems to like them and Eli says that even if he doesn't read them now he will save them. 

Let me know what you think of the scrapbook pages, or do you just want pictures?